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Aligning Euro Symbol to left adds value for some reason

  1. If I add this filter-

    To my functions.php file, and modify it so that the euro symbol is on the left hand side of the value ( ie €100.00 instead of 100,00€ ) then the position of the decimal gets messed up. Any product that I have set at €100.00 instead becomes €10,000.

    Any ideas why this would happen? The only thing I have modified from the example on the page mentioned above is that the euro symbol is on the left instead of the right, so my code looks like this:

    add_filter("gform_currencies", "update_currency");
    function update_currency($currencies) {
        $currencies['EUR'] = array(
            "name" => __("Euro", "gravityforms"),
            "symbol_left" => "€",
            "symbol_right" => "",
            "symbol_padding" => " ",
            "thousand_separator" => ',',
            "decimal_separator" => '.',
            "decimals" => 2);
        return $currencies;
    Posted 12 years ago on Friday October 21, 2011 | Permalink
  2. earn365

    I am having the same issue, is there an easy way to move the Euro symbol to the left of the of the value, e.g. € 100.00

    Posted 12 years ago on Wednesday January 4, 2012 | Permalink

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