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Allow negative price

  1. I know this is not an "intended use" for the user defined price field, but I'm trying to use it to discount a price based on a code entered. I've been scouring the forums for ways to accomplish a discount and now I have all my validation working to see if they've entered the right code, but a negative price is invalid (based on common sense GF rules no doubt). It's a flat dollar amount discount that does not change.

    Is there a way to work around this?



    Posted 8 years ago on Friday October 28, 2011 | Permalink
  2. Have you seen this "how to":

    The discount should work the same as adding tax: it's just going in the other direction. Please let us know if you can apply that.

    Posted 8 years ago on Saturday October 29, 2011 | Permalink
  3. Aha! I read that a week or so ago while I was researching the problem initially and I could not find it again the other day. I was looking in the forums when I should have checked the docs. That put me on the right track and now I've got everything working well.

    Thank you!

    Just a general question: I know a lot of people ask about coupon code support. I've now written code (on two separate projects) that checks the WP database for a correct code before validating, and add's a "discount" product of negative value. It requires a more technical hands-on approach for managing the codes, but I plan on writing up a post for my local WordPress group about how I did it. I know the coupon code functionality is planned for GF core, but could I send you what I write up and if it looks all sound in regards to GF functionality and usage, would you consider referring those inquirers to my post until a future plugin update renders it obsolete?



    Posted 8 years ago on Monday October 31, 2011 | Permalink
  4. jconroy

    Hi Jarrod

    Any chance you could flick me bit of a how-to for what you've done? Would love to implement similar functionality in the short term until the coupon funcitonlity becomes available.


    Posted 8 years ago on Monday November 7, 2011 | Permalink
  5. Hey jconroy

    really sorry to have ignored you for 2 months! i never got any sort of notification you posted here. are you still in need of any help or did you get things figured out?


    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday January 12, 2012 | Permalink
  6. jconroy

    No worries, I ended up just writing my own code as well - so I think I'll all sorted. Thanks!

    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday January 12, 2012 | Permalink
  7. tedulrik

    I'm also looking for a way to use discount codes. Your solutions might be of use to me, if you'd like to share them.

    Posted 8 years ago on Thursday January 19, 2012 | Permalink