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Are there "global" notification variables

  1. Hi there!

    I've been implementing Gravity Forms on a few WP sites and, so far, I'm absolutely loving this plugin. Best investment I made in a long time...

    Now, I'm building a larger Wordpress (multi)site that will be a network of 40 + "sub sites" that will all share the same structure and look. I will be replicating a "template" site to create all the others and want to minimize the configurations I need to do afterwards on specific sites. I'll be using a plugin I purchase from wpmudev to do so.

    My actual question regards the variables we can use to populate fields in the Notifications settings of forms. I was wondering if there is a variable I can use instead of an actual email address to populate the "Send to Email" with that's site's admin email (as set in the Wordpress>Settings>General page). I've looked at the docs and Googled this but couldn't find anything.


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  2. There aren't global variables, every form is unique. However, if you are using WordPress Multi-Site you can pre-generate forms (and the license key) so that you don't have to do it every single time you create a site. It will automatically create the forms for you when you activate a new site in multi-site.

    To automatically create forms when a new site is activated in Multi-Site you need to first create your initial forms that you want to replicate. Then you use the Import/Export tool and select Export Forms, select the forms you want to export (these are the forms you want to automatically create) and then export them to an XML file.

    Place the XML file somewhere on your web server, such as your wp-content/uploads folder or somewhere easily accessible and then add this to your wp-config.php file:

    define(“GF_IMPORT_FILE”, “”);

    After doing this, when you activate a new site in WordPress Multi-Site this XML import will get executed and the forms will be created on the site that you are activating. This only happens on new activations, not existing sites.

    If you want to pre-populate your Gravity Forms license key when activating a new site in WordPress Multi-Site you can add this to your wp-config.php file:


    This will then pre-populate your key anytime you activate a new site.

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  3. Thanks for the reply and info Carl! That will indeed be very useful for the multisite project.

    I still think that adding "system" or site/blog related vars would be great though, for adding things like the site specific admin email without needing to go to each site and modify that setting or things like the slogan, blog name and more which could be added to automate the personalization of the subject, message, etc. Something to consider for future updates :)

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  4. Just a follow up question on this to be sure I understand. Currently there is no variable to include something like the %blogname% or %siteurl% in our notification emails - is that correct?

    Is this something that you might be adding in a future release?


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