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  1. I'm testing the beta add-on version 1.0.beta1
    GF version 1.6.2 (public release)

    I have SSL / https working properly on my form page. Entered API credentials in settings (got green checkmarks). NOTE: Settings is set to "Production". However, my account is currently in TEST mode. I had first tried putting the Gravity Auth Settings in "Test" mode, but that caused the API creds to be marked "red". So I put it on "Production" in GF.

    I created the form with a product, credit card field, and address fields. Mapped those to an feed (set to subscription). All seems fine.

    On my form page, all looks good starting off. No SSL notification warning, so I know https is working fine. However, when I fill out the form, I get the error on the credit card field: "There was an error processing your credit card. Please verify the information and try again."

    I tried the test CC number: 4111111111111111 as well as a real CC number. Both gave the same error.

    I'm new to setting up and testing a gateway... Am I missing something?

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  2. Still not resolved, but a little update on this:

    I managed to create a test account in I then inputted my Test Account API creds in Gravity Forms Settings and set that to "Test" mode. That produced the checkmarks... looking good.

    Then on my form I tried submitting using one of the test credit card numbers found here: - Still getting the error: "There was an error processing your credit card. Please verify the information and try again."

    Still in test mode, I tried entering my real credit card. Same error.

    So I switched everything to live mode. Turned OFF test mode in my account. Entered my live API creds in Gravity Forms settings, set this to "production" (got green checkmarks). Went back to the form, filled it out with my real credit card... Same error.

    Am I missing something??

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  3. Hi Brian,

    I tested locally and was able to submit an order without issue. If you could, go ahead and send us a WP login via Priority Support. I will be out of town through early next week so it is likely another team member will be assisting you.

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  4. Just sent my WP login

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  5. nphaskins

    Yo yo yo. I never thought to check this forum. I am having the same exact issues, then the next morning, on a whim, we tried and it successfully charged the card.

    Well, pending, which is what we wanted for a trial before starting subscription.

    I'm using this together with Multi-site, but the only problem is that it's not creating the site. The Paypal add-on, also doesn't seem to work either together with wp multi-site.

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  6. Hi, we would like to know if this was resolved and how? We have the same issues, still cannot submit the form saying error "There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below."

    Hope to hear from this soon.

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  7. If you are using the User Registration Add-On, the PayPal Add-On and Authorize.Net Add-On together there IS a bug related to the User Registration Add-On and how it works with the PayPal Add-On that prevents the user from being created. It's only in this specific situation.

    We have corrected this and will be releasing updates to the User Registration Add-On and the Authorize.Net Add-On tomorrow once we are satisfied with the testing. These updates will resolve this issue.

    If you are having a problem with the Authorize.Net Add-On Beta release and it's unrelated to using it with PayPal and the User Registration Add-On, contact us via the Contact Us form and provide as much detail as possible and we can take a look.

    One detail you will need to provide is the specific error code you receive when the payment fails. You can get this by reproducing the problem and when you see the error, view source on the page and find the HTML that displays the error message. Next to that error message will be an HTML comment that contains an error code, this is the specific Authorize.Net error code. Include that when contacting us via the Contact Us form along with additional details.

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  8. Carl,

    thanks for the reply, can we have a notification if the updates has been released. I check for updates now through the wp-admin-form-updates and there is no new updates. thanks

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  9. The Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On and Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On updates were released earlier today and are already available.

    Your WordPress site caches plugin update information and only checks for updates a couple times a day, sometimes only once per day. That is why the automatic updates have not appeared yet. You need to give them time to appear.

    You can also download both of these Add-Ons via the Add-On Downloads page.

    There was no update to the Authorize.Net Add-On. Changes were only required for PayPal and User Registration.

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