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Autofill certain fields

  1. Jan Egbert

    I am thinking about sending out an invititation e-mail. I have all the e-mailaddresses, I just need the confirmation. To make this as accessible as possible I'd like to put the recipients emailaddress in the URL.

    I tried this:


    But that did't work.

    Is there any way to get this job done? If not? I 'd like to put this in the desired features. :)

    Posted 12 years ago on Monday August 31, 2009 | Permalink
  2. Currently you can not pre-populate the value of a field via a querystring parameter. However, we are planning on adding in this functionality along with hidden field capabilities in the future. It is on our future feature list so rest assured it will be made available sometime down the road.

    Posted 12 years ago on Monday August 31, 2009 | Permalink

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