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Automatic credit card processing

  1. kmcderm

    Hello - I'm creating a form to accept payments. I'm a total newb at this. How do I setup a payment gateway to process the payments? I was hoping to just accept card info manually and process them manually (as one would with a phone order), but, the full card #s don't show on the "entries" screen.

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  2. Gravity Forms has three possible payment solutions: PayPal Pro, PayPal website payment standard and All require a developer license. There are also some 3rd party add-ons for processing payments which were not created by Gravity Forms. The Stripe add-on is one of them:

    If you already have a way to process credit cards offline and want to continue that, you can collect the credit card number with your form, but you would not use the credit card field, because as you learned, the credit card number is masked.

    If you collect credit card information, you have to secure your site with an SSL certificate, then be sure that the credit card information is not sent in emails, and that your WordPress admin and database are secure as well. There are rules put in place by the credit card processing industry to ensure you keep their member's information secure and don't expose them to liability.

    In the other topic I linked to, Rob explains a little bit on how to use a regular field to collect credit card information, and the concerns when doing so.

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  3. Hey guys - would sure love to see an officially supported stripe plugin! Naomi has been great, but there needs to be a tighter integration between the stripe plugin and the user registration add on for user management.
    -- adding a new user
    -- allowing a user to change plans
    -- deactivating the users blog when they cancel their plan (this is there but not working on multisite)
    -- etc.
    There was a rumor of Gravity Charge ;-) - would love to see that project revived!!!

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  4. Naomi

    Just finished going through this for Jennifer -- the Stripe Add-On and User Registration Add-On integration does indeed function as it was created to. When a Stripe subscription is created, it adds new users and sites, and deactivates and deletes the sites and changes the user role (on the main site) upon subscription cancelation.

    Anything else is additional functionality that is not part of the User Registration Add-On and would need to be added in order for the Stripe Add-On to support it.

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  5. Thanks Naomi.

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  6. So thanks means "yes, we know this is broken" and it will be fixed?
    I do believe this is actually a bug - see below...

    When a new user and sub-site are created with the user registration add-on, I have the ability to select the user role on both the current site (top level site) and the new site (sub-site).

    What happening now is this.

    1. On registration - a new user role is created ONLY at the new sub-site level by User Registration and the Stripe subscription is created. No role is created for the current site

    Here are my settings for the user registration mapping:

    Network Options

    Create Site - Create new site when a user registers.
    Site Role - Admministrator
    Current Site Role - No role for this site

    When I look at this user in WP - he only has one site - the new one. This is perfect.

    In the Stripe mapping, I have the following option selected.
    User Registration: Update User when subscription is cancelled - Set user to Visitor
    (I do not have "update site when subscription is cancelled" checked as I don't want to change anything with the site, only the user)

    2. When the user cancels his Stripe subscription. This is where things go wrong...

    The user is given a NEW role on the current site. As shown above, in the User Registration mapping, I specifically said that the user should NOT have a role on the current site, only the new site. I certainly don't want him to have one when he cancels!

    So now, I'm left with a user who has the wrong role on two sites as opposed to changing his role on the correct site.

    After the subscription is cancelled, here's what the user has:
    New site: administrator (this is the role that should be changed to visitor)
    Current site: visitor (he did not originally have this role as specified the User Registration settings)

    When I look at the user in WP, he now has roles on both the current site and the new site - this is wrong.

    It seems to me that I should be able to have the same level of control with the user registration add-on when the user cancels as I did on creation - both in the current site and the new site.

    Why do the network options settings in the User Registration add-on not carry through - they just seem to get lost?

    It seems that when this functionality (to not add the user role to the current site) was added a few months ago, the code was only updated for new user roles registration, but not for modifications to user roles?

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  7. I believe this discussion should take place between Naomi and Jennifer, as it was being done previously. If anyone disagrees with that, please feel free to email me your comments at

    Thank you.

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