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Backup Forms & Entries

  1. Could you please explain to me which files i would need to back up for the forms and in particular the entries. I know that you dont support BackWPup, but if you could specifically tell me which ones i would choose using that. Today i made changes to my site, last week deleted all forms intentionally and entries. Tried to restore the data base, which it did from the last backup yesterday. It brought back my entries and form but over wrote my work done today on the pages. I need to selectively only back up the forms and entries. Is there a way i can do that please? If you could name them then i can see if they are an option in the backup selection process. These are the database tables i can back up:

    I also have the option for backing up blog uploads (which gravity forms is a possible selection). So is the option to back up the plugin. As i don't know where the forms and entries are kept i would like to know please.


    Posted 9 years ago on Sunday October 28, 2012 | Permalink
  2. To ensure you have everything related to forms and entries, you should back up all the wp_rg_ tables. The wp_woocommerce_ tables are related to Woocommerce, but you have that integrated with Gravity Forms you want to backup those as well.

    Gravity Forms uploads are stored in wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/

    Does that address your questions?

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  3. Soooo i should be able to set up one backup JUST for the wp_rg files or dbases and then another one for all other content except for the above mentioned to separate them. That way if i just want to restore the Gravity forms and entries i should be able to achieve that with over writing all other site changes............ is that correct please?

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  4. That sounds correct. However, we're not backup experts here. It sounds like issue last time was you lost a days work to your posts or pages, because you needed to restore just Gravity Forms, but instead restored your whole database. If that is the issue, you may need to backup tables individually, or edit the backup SQL file before restoring, so you don't accidentally overwrite tables which were fine and did not need to be restored.

    There are other backup solutions as well which don't require as much thought and have more granular backup ability.

    We're not affiliated with either of these companies:

    Some hosts offer backups as well. If you need to restore just one or two tables, you should not have to restore the whole database and risk losing work which was not lost in the first place.

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  5. Thanks for the help. I currently use BackWPup which is free (no tech support either of course). I have now set it to back up 2 jobs. One for the gravity tables only and one excluding the gravity tables but everything else...... i'll let you know how that goes. I'll make some change to gravity forms today, do a backup then restore. Prior to that i'll back up the whole site of course! I have both sent to amazon S3 (which is free for the space i use). Unfortunately my hosts back up has to be done manually and i needed an automated options


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  6. I hope you find a backup process that works for you. If you need any more advice please let us know.

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