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Broken HTML markup for Custom Field from Post Fields Category

  1. Hello,

    I have a form that submits data and creates a post of CPT. I'm using {all_fields} for previewing field content before fully submitting data.

    Recently, I've noticed that the content of Custom Field from Post Fields Category isn't creating correct HTML.

    In the field I have entered text 'Line 1.' followed by clicking enter twice to get a clear separation of text and on the new line I entered 'Line 2.' The HTML that I got is below:

    Line 1.<p></p><br>
    <p>Line 2.</p>

    The first chunk of text isn't wrapped into <p> tag correctly. This breaks styling.
    GF v 1.7.5

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Many thanks,

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday June 11, 2013 | Permalink