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Broken URL in Notification Email

  1. We have a form, which sends a notification. the notification includes a long URL as tag, containing all form fields as parameters. The URL is used to enter the form data to a shop system.


    We build the following URL inside the notification configuration: 221 123456&company=xyz

    But the URL in the received email is:;49 221 123456&company=xyz

    We do have some problems with the URL:

    1) The phone number will be coded by Gravity Forms to "#43;49 221 123456" (with decimal char code), in an URL it would be needed as "%2B49 221 123456" (with hex code).

    2) All ampersands will be coded as & instead of delivering the & inside the href-part of the tag.

    3) Our real URLs are very long, because of the number of fields. All URLs have a Line Break somewhere between 1000 and 1100 characters. The line break happens inside field names or values and is not provided in the notification configuration.

    Please advice a solution or workaround.

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  2. I am closing this forum topic because we are working with you through the Priority Support ticket system.

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