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Buggy Problem: Fields Repeating

  1. I'm building a fairly long multi-page form* and I'm finding that the longer the form gets, the more buggy GF is acting. It may be the install, I updated a couple of days ago but am trying to backup right now & re-install GF. I'm supposed to deliver this form tomorrow. :(
    The biggest hassle I'm having with it is fields are repeating themselves and I don't know why. I am entering several products into an order form. A few days ago, I put empty product fields in as placeholders and tried to build the structure. I was going to quickly go in tonight and fill them all out. The problem is, when I fill one field out, its data (price, product name) is carrying to the next product field. Then that residual data over-rides whatever I typed into the second product once I update the form. So for example, instead of having five unique products, once I update, I get two products, each one repeated once or twice. This is happening throughout the order form.
    The fields are repeating the Field ID #s, but I don't know why. Would this happen if I used the "Duplicate" function? But I'm pretty sure that's not how I built it. Is there a way to manually change the Field ID #s on each field so they stop repeating their data?
    I also find that I have to update this form a lot, or risk having GF freeze up and not update, and lose the changes. This is becoming a lot more time-consuming than I would have liked.
    *I did not want to build such a long multi-page form, but was not able to get my earlier question resolved where I was hoping to work with several small forms & find a way to combine their totals in a final form & send to Paypal via the PP Add-On.

    Posted 10 years ago on Friday February 24, 2012 | Permalink
  2. If anyone else runs into this problem, apparently it's when you click to add a field two times in quick succession. Just slow down to fix it. (Eg. if you're adding lots of blank product fields to a page that you'll work on later, just don't add them quickly)

    Posted 10 years ago on Sunday April 1, 2012 | Permalink

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