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[Resolved - Not a Bug] Bugs in 1.5 RC2.2

  1. elianab

    I found a few bugs in 1.5 RC2.2. I also have some requested features.

    Adding values to my check boxes caused a number of problems. At first the values didn't show up in my conditional logic choices. The conditional logic in my form had been working, but stopped working when I added the values. I went back to the form to turn off the values, and then the form started working. But then, even though the values were turned off, some of the values showed up in my conditional logic choices. If I changed the name of the values, it didn't change under the conditional logic choices.

    I have a donation field set up at the end of my form, but it's not showing up. The url is

    Requested feature
    When using conditional logic it's really hard to see my choices if they are a whole sentence. It would be nice if I could hover over the choices in the drop down menu and see the whole sentence.

    thank you.

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday December 28, 2010 | Permalink
  2. When you add/remove values to a drop down, radio button or checkbox field sometimes you need to save your form so it refreshes before the values will appear in the Conditional Logic selection drop downs and Insert Form Field drop downs.

    When you change a value of an option in a drop down, radio button, or checkbox it does not cascade down and change selections you may have made in Conditional Logic fields. If you change a value, you need to update your Conditional Logic accordingly. Changing the value of an option in one of these fields doesn't update an existing value, it replaces it. So if you make changes to a value used in Conditional Logic, you also have to update the Conditional Logic because it will still have the old value in it's setting.

    In order to debug the Donation field issue you would have to send us a WordPress admin login for this site via our Contact Us form and reference this post. Tough to see what is going on without looking at your form setting.

    As for the feature request, the values have to be cutoff in order to insure the drop down menu doesn't appear to wide. Drop downs are as wide as it's longest item, so if you have a long value the drop down can cause UI issues which is why they are cut off the way they are. I can look into if it's possible to have a hover state, but right now it's standard drop down functionality so i'm not 100% sure if a hover state exists for them or if it's possible with jQuery. But i'll look into it.

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  3. Do you want the donation field visible all the time?

    The issue right now is the donation field at the end of the form appears below a Section Break that has conditional logic applied to it.

    When you apply conditional logic to a Section Break it is inherited by ALL fields that appear below it up to the next Section Break. This is so you can hide an entire group of fields by applying conditional logic to just the Section Break.

    If the Donation field should be visible all the time, add another Section Break to your field (you could call it Donation) and position it above the Donation field. Don't apply conditional logic to this Section Break and the donation field will be visible all the time because the conditional logic on the Section Break above it will end once it hits the new Section.

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