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Calculations not working with 1 particular theme

  1. jigsaw-internet


    I have a form setup with some basic calculations in place.

    They work fine using the default Wordpress themes but using my custom theme the field that should contain the calculation is empty. In the source it's showing read only but has no value.

    I can only assume that there is some sort of conflict with this theme but I have no idea what so I'm hoping somebody could give me a clue as to what sort of things could possibly cause this to happen.

    The form is up at:

    The fields with calculations are both on Step 3 (there are only a couple of required fields in step 1 then you can skip straight to Step 3), 'Net Worth' and 'Total Annual Income'

    I'd really appreciate any help on this one.

    Thanks in advance,


    Posted 9 years ago on Monday June 17, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Handling via priority support.

    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday June 18, 2013 | Permalink

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