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Can someone chime in? What's going on this current form?

  1. Hey everyone,
    I have a client who currently has a joomla site. We're going to be revamping everything in Wordpress but I know that they need to be PCI Compliant and that they have this one secure page on their site with this form:

    What do we need to know to make this happen in WP? Anything special other than creating the form (relatively simple… although I've never had a site using credit card input –– which we're going to of course, grab an SSL)

    I do have FTP access to this and oddly, it looks like this form was created within a DIFFERENT html file that's "iframed" into that page… I dunno.

    I just want some pointers or advise on this forum like: "You'll be alright as long as you x, y and z"


    Posted 10 years ago on Wednesday March 7, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Well, with Gravity Forms, we have an add-on that can handle the CC piece. We have a credit card field, but it only gets activated when the add-on is installed. Do you guys plan to use

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday March 8, 2012 | Permalink
  3. I'll have to find out a little more from the client but yeah, I imagine so. (to have the gateway). Ok, so cool… so the CC add-on is one thing I need to be looking into?

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  4. Yeah, but I mean with our form builder you don't have to build this form statically. You could also opt to use PayPal as well, we have an Add-On for that too. The add-on is currently a beta release too (2nd stage), just to keep that in mind.

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