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Can this be done with a dropdown menu

  1. I have a dropdown list I created. When someone selects one of the items on the list, I'd like to have either an image or a live link appear below the dropdown menu that a user can then click on. Specifically, I have a list of vehicle models and when the user selects the model, I want to have a link to a pdf brochure pop up that is clickable. Can this be done using conditional logic for any of the other fields available. I realize that I will need to create an individual field for each vehicle model that has the specific brochure link. Thanks.

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday March 12, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Currently there is no "free form" field where you can simply place text or html, however we do plan on adding this in 1.4 so that it can be used for things like this.

    What you can do right now is use a section break field, leave the Field Label break and populate the description of the section break with the appropriate information. Then use conditional logic on that section break.

    What you may need to do in order to make this function properly is then add another section break below that one.

    You would need to add another section break because when you apply conditional logic to a section break it applies to ALL fields that appear under that section break up to the next section break. This is so you can show/hide a group of fields by applying the logic to the section break and not every single field.

    You might then have to use some custom CSS to style things to your liking.

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  3. Hey good idea thanks. Since the description of the section break always appears as italics and a small font, do you have a quick code snip that I could insert into my css that will adjust that?

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  4. I'd have to see the front end form in order to give you a code snippet.

    You would have to view source and get the id for the field container for that field.

    Then you would target that field id and style it using CSS.

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