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Can you "flag" a mail notification?

  1. dansod


    don't really know the right lingo for this, but let me try to explain:

    • We got a GF customer service form on our web site, where people can ask things.
    • This form gets submitted to a general email address that the customer service use.
    • They receive many emails every day from different sources to this address, so emails from the form isn't easy to spot in their email list.
    • Can I "flag" just the mails sent from the customer support form on our web site? i.e. make them stand out in the general list of emails in the customer supports mail list (in MS Outlook). Something like a red color or a "High Priority" icon in the subject field of the sent mail? Idea is that customer support easily can spot these important submissions easy in their list of emails.



    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday December 12, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Can't you set up a filter or a rule in Outlook. This could look for a specific word (that you put in the notification) or even a specific from: mail address.

    When the filter is activated, it turns the specific mail titles to red or green or whatever color you want.

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  3. @Johan, as alsc suggests, I think this is incumbent on the client to set up their filtering and rules on their inbox to ensure these emails are not mixed. You can configure your notification to include a special word in the subject line, and they can create a rule to watch for that and label accordingly.

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