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Cart66 vs. PayPal Addon - do I need both?

  1. I am considering upgrading to the Developer's Option and am interested in the PayPal Add-on.

    I've been trying to integrate Gravity Forms with Cart 66, but with limited success (due to pricing variations for the same product) and am wondering if I use the PayPal Add-on, if I would need to use Cart66 at all?

    I realize GF is not a shopping cart - but am wondering if the PayPal Add-On would be sufficient to allow customers to order a basic product with 5 variations (size, pricing, color, etc...)

    Thanks for any help on this!

    Posted 12 years ago on Friday July 8, 2011 | Permalink
  2. TrishL,

    I'll add my 2 cents as a user of the product. Gravity Forms doesn't currently support PayPal Pro, so you can't collect the user information on your site and process the payment, you have to send them to paypal to make the payment. I personally think that this turns off some buyers who aren't savvy enough to understand what paypal is.

    I have looked into Cart66 - and it is my understanding that it does work with PayPal pro, but I haven't tried it yet.

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  3. Thanks Scott - I appreciate your feedback. This project is with PayPal Standard - so not sure if that makes any difference?

    I'm not loving the Cart66/Gravity Form integration at all (so far) - they (Cart66) prominently advertise the Gravity Form integration - but once you purchase it and poke around the forums - you find out that Cart66 isn't able to integrate the pricing options available in GF 1.5.

    They're pretty clear about this in the support forum - it integrates at the product level, but not at the pricing level. Which for a shopping cart... is kind of a big deal (at least in my opinion).

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  4. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If what you want to do can be accomplished using an order form and not a shopping cart, then you could certainly use Gravity Forms for what you want to do. Just keep in mind it is only for simple order forms, no cart functionality or the ability to track shipping, etc. But you can use PayPal for that by adding the shipping information to the PayPal order, etc.

    You can easily see if Gravity Forms can accomplish what you want to do without upgrading by creating a test order form and seeing if it does what you want it to do from an order form standpoint. If it does, then you could upgrade and use the PayPal Add-On to capture the actual payment with PayPal Standard.

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  5. Thanks Carl - I'll try that right now.

    My biggest question is if I use the Pricing Options - will the different price points be picked up by PayPal Standard? That seems to be what is tripping up the Cart66 integration.

    For example, let's say my client is selling a physical product, but wants to charge a little more for larger sizes (and also let them select what color, etc...) - will that extra amount pass along to PayPal?

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  6. Gravity Forms Pricing Fields are designed to work with the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On. So if you use the Option Fields with the Product Field the Options will be passed to PayPal.

    Just remember that Options are Options, they require a Product Field otherwise there isn't anything for them to be an option of. So use the Product Field for the main product and the Option Field for things like color, size, etc.

    The pricing changes that Option Fields make on the price will be reflected in PayPal.

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  7. Thanks again, Carl - I believe you just made decision to upgrade for me. :) (It was a matter of when, not if - but looks like today is the day) :)

    Final question - should I then stay away from "Standard Fields" completely - and only use "Pricing Fields" (Product and Option) when creating a form to use with the PayPal Add-on??

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  8. You can use a combination of all the fields with the PayPal Add-On. They will all be saved with the form entry that is created in Gravity Forms. However, only Pricing Fields create product data in PayPal. So only the Pricing Fields should be used for the actual product information. But there is nothing stopping you from using the other fields to capture additional information that will be included with the form entry.

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