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Change hidden field value based on custom validation

  1. I created a custom validation method for a field with the gform_validation filter.
    Is it possible to store some data in a hidden field inside the gform_validation filter?

    add_filter('gform_validation', 'media_custom_validation');
    function media_custom_validation($validation_result) {
     	global $form_email, $file_id;
    	// new gravity form
    	$rg = new RGFormsModel(); 
     	// grab the form
            $form = $validation_result["form"];
     	// only validate the vault form
      	if ($form['title'] == "Item Support") {
    		foreach($form['fields'] as &$field) {
    			// store email field in variable
    			if ($field['id'] == "5") {
    							//success, store data in one of the hidden fields
    						} else {
        return $validation_result;
    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday April 30, 2013 | Permalink