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Changing a field value by clicking a button

  1. Can you change the value of a particular field by clicking a button elsewhere on the form?

    So, I've got a multipart form (3 parts). A membership field (radio button - choice of three options) is chosen on part 2 which then conditionally shows/hides other fields on part 3. However, if a user wishes to change their mind on part 3, they don't want to have to click the prev to return to part 2 to change the membership level and then click next to go back to part 3.

    They need to be able to click a button on part 3 which changes the value of the membership field on part 2 and immediately displays the additional fields on part 3 - the screen they're currently on.

    As a temporary fix I simply moved the membership field to part 3 and this effectively provides the functionality they need!! But the client isn't happy with this solution - they want buttons to click with particular text inside etc so it needs to work in the way I detail.

    And it needs to change dynamically whilst the user is completing the form, rather than once the form has been submitted.

    So any ideas or suggestions?

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  2. You have opened up a Priority Support ticket for this issue. I am closing this forum post and it will be handled via your Priority Support ticket.

    In the future please either post on the forums or submit your question via Priority Support. They are not monitored by the same people so posting in both places can cause a duplication of efforts in replying to your inquiry.

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