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changing 'notes' name and size

  1. anointed

    When I go to view an entry, I noticed the very bottom box 'notes' is where I tell the secretary to reply to a form submission.

    I'm finding the term 'notes' is not very intuative, and would like to change it to say 'send email reply' etc... (site is spanish so would love to translate that to what I would choose.

    Also, the notes field box size is very small. How do I change it so there is plenty of room for the secretary to type her reply into?

    When a 'note' is sent, it does not reference the original message content at all. How do I go about doing that?

    basically, we are using gravity for a simple 'prayer request' submission system. I understand the concept of notes not only being for answering the person, but to document what is going on in the replies.

    Is it possible to expand the entries view page, to actually have an email reply form that would make sense to most non-computer secretary type of users?

    Normally I would simply tell them to respond via email as the admin receives a copy of the user submission. However because of the noreply@website issue, I can't do that. Not to mention it would be much more user friendly just doing it via the website.


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  2. anointed

    I was able to find the code to edit in the entry-detail.php file.

    What I can't figure out how to do is when 'also email this note to' is selected, to have the 'notes' field actually include the submitter information in the email that is sent.

    Basically gravity sends an email to the submitter with only the reply information from the admin with no reference to what the admin is responding to.

    Normally this would be ok, but sometimes it can be a few days before my admins respond, and it would help to 'remind' the submitter why we are replying back to them.

    Is this in the plans for the future where we can choose what fields to include in the 'notes' email submission?

    also noticed the admin is not built for changing the admin panels to spanish. I would have to manually hard code in a special copy for the spanish church's. I'm using 1.4beta, not sure if this plans on changing in the future.

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  3. Also, although I'm guessing this is impossible, after a Note is sent as an email, and the person responds to the Note/email, it would be fantastic if their reply then showed up as a Note, so there is a coherent thread view in Admin. Really would help if you've got more than one person involved in running things and you want to have a sort of Meta view of everything that's going on, rather than things starting out as a thread of Notes, and then getting cut-off/side-tracked into someone's email account.

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  4. In order to be able to have user replies appear in the notes you would need Gravity Forms to be monitoring your email and tracking things. This is much more advanced functionality and more in line with traditional CRM tools. I'm not sure if Gravity Forms will ever do this as it starts to bleed into the traditional CRM world... dunno if we will take it that far. We'd probably prefer to continue developing add-ons that integrate with 3rd party CRM tools.

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  5. anointed

    Are you aware of any crm solutions that directly tie into wp natively? I've never seen one myself, but figured it would not hurt to ask.

    Would still love to have the addition of the fields added to a note that is submitted to a user so they know what the incoming email from me is referencing.

    I did manage to change the term 'notes' to my own terms and change the box size. Man your code is so clean that it only took a few mins to find. I just wish everyone wrote such elegant code.

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