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conditional logic and values associated with a field

  1. I've been stung a few times when I've changed the values associated with a field (checkbox or radio buttons) that other fields rely on for conditional logic. If you change the value (which is typically used as a label identifier) then conditional logic falls apart unless you reassign each field that is using conditional logic.

    This seems to be because the check box or radio button field is somehow keyed to the value (sort of used as a label) rather than to something else (like a checkbox ID or something). If you change the value then when you go to reassign the conditional logic, the old values show along with the new values within the values dropdown, making it confusing to select the proper value.

    #1) original field setting: "Silver Membership (admin)"
    #2) updated field setting: "Silver Membership (admin) (requires approval)"

    When setting up conditional logic, if the logic was based on #1, then the field is updated like in #2, all fields with conditional logic need to be reset to use #2 (they don't retain the ID of the checkbox or any other reference)...and the field dropdowns when reselecting and assigning the conditional logic looks something like this (very hard to distinguish which is updated version of field to relate to):

    "Silver Membershi..."
    "Silver Membershi..."

    Can't tell which is the one with the updated text value.

    Would be nice if the fields had an ID or something that could be keyed to.

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  2. We do want to eventually make this possible, it's very complex to pull off the way things cascade down which is why we haven't done so yet.

    How you can tell is if it isn't working and you see two that are similar in the drop down... select the other. Then save the form and continue editing... edit that field again and only one (the selected one) will appear because the rest of the values will be actual form field values and at that point the old value wouldn't exist anymore.

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  3. Thanks, I kind of ended up figuring out that was how to do it, but maybe not quite efficiently as you stated it.

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  4. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I want to setup an field option example given below, if that is possible let me know please thank you
    option 1 in radio button is: Residential
    option 2 in radio button is Commercial

    if option 1 is selected in above radio button then i need to get few option related to residential in drop down box example:
    * Residential Flats
    * Indiviual house
    * Residential land

    if option 2 is selected in radio button then i need to get few options in drop down box example:
    * Shops:
    * Industries
    * others

    Please let me know

    Thank you

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  5. Is there is no body to reply

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  6. @bojees You posted on a Sunday, we have standard office hours and while we try to respond to forum requests on the weekends, it's not guaranteed you will receive one until the beginning of the week if posted over the weekend.

    Yes what you want to do is possible using Conditional Logic. You would add all the fields you want, and then edit the ones you want to hide, select the Advanced tab and use conditional Logic to show or hide it based on the radio button selection.

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