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Conditional Logic behaving strangely

  1. stinkykong

    I applied conditional logic to break up a rather long form into pageviews. Fields are set to show when a "page navigator" is set to a selected value. I tried a multiple choice field to be the operator field, then tried a dropdown menu but I get the same strange results which are hard to describe.

    The unexpected results are: Some fields show all the time. Some fields are hidden all the time. "Page One" shows pretty much as expected where pages "Two, Three and Four" don't. Some fields will show, some won't. Some will hide, some won't. All seem to behave in their own way.

    The only way I can get the form to behave as expected is to switch off all conditional logic. Then all fields show.

    I had the Super Cache plugin activated so I tried deactivating that but to no avail. I'm hosted on Network Solutions and I used their one touch "reset permissions" button but that didn't change anything. The Chmod setting for the WP Content folder is 755, owner can read/write/execute, user/group and everyone can read/execute.

    Very confusing behavior and hard to describe.

    This is the first time I have had any problems with conditional logic.

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday September 6, 2010 | Permalink
  2. Can you export this form using the export tool and email it to me at so I can take a look at it on our end? Thanks.

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday September 6, 2010 | Permalink
  3. stinkykong

    Sent you a CSV file.

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday September 6, 2010 | Permalink
  4. stinkykong

    You replied back that you needed an XML file and I sent you that. Have you had a chance to look at it yet?
    Thanks for you help.

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday September 10, 2010 | Permalink
  5. I've already replied to this but I am sending my response again as it appears you did not receive it. I have also emailed you this information.

    The issue is your usage of Section Breaks and how conditional logic works.

    When you apply conditional logic to a Section Break it applies that Conditional Logic to ALL fields that appear after that Section Break up to the next Section Break. Why? So you can apply Conditional Logic to an entire section of fields without having to apply it individually to each individual field.

    Because of this, how you have the Conditional Logic setup on that form it is conflicting with each other.

    You have a Section Break that says "End of Page One" with Conditional Logic applied to it to only appear if it's the first page. You then have the page two fields appearing below it with conditional logic on each individual field setting them to only appear if it is page two. The problem with this is because they appear below the Section Break that conditional logic is hiding them because it isn't Page One.

    What you need to do is instead of using the Section Breaks to denote the end of a page, you need to use the Section Breaks to denote the beginning of a page. Then apply the conditional logic to that Section Break to show/hide if it's that page. Then you don't need to apply conditional logic to each individual field if it appears below that Section Break.

    Your "End of Page X" Section Breaks are hiding the fields that appear below it because of the way you have conditional logic setup.

    Does that make sense?

    Posted 9 years ago on Tuesday September 28, 2010 | Permalink