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Conditional logic issues

  1. Jamie M

    Hi all, I made a priority support request with this question but I thought I would also post here to see if anyone else has any thoughts.

    I have a form with a lot of conditional logic in it.

    The problem is that I now need to convert some of the 'standard' drop-down menus into 'product' drop-down menus so that I can include prices.

    Many of the drop-down menus each have around 20-30 pieces of conditional logic pointing to them, and I obviously don't want to lose this as it will take hours to re-add the commands to new drop-down menus. There must be an efficient way of doing this?

    I tried creating a new drop-down with the same name, and then deleting the old one, but all items pointing to the old one just cleared out the logic commands entirely :(


    Posted 11 years ago on Monday February 13, 2012 | Permalink
  2. I have answered your question via Priority Support and am posting it here as well.

    There is no built in way to convert a form field from one type to another due to the fact that once data exists form a field the information associated with it cannot be changed.

    Here is what you could do...

    - Add your new Product Drop-Down to the form and configure it the way you want it.
    - Save your form.
    - Go to the Import/Export tool and select Export Forms.
    - Select just the form in question and click Export

    You will now download an XML file containing the form setup for that form. This is a standard XML file which means it can be manually manipulated using a text editor. If you open up the XML file in a text or HTML editor it should be formatted so that you can scan through it and see what is going on.

    What you can do is in that XML file you can see what is currently setup for the conditional logic blocks associated with the fields that have conditional logic. You should be able to see how things relate to each other and how the conditional logic references things.

    Then what you can do is manually update the conditional logic related XML so that it uses the new field information instead of the old field information.

    This is still going to require a bunch of changes, but should be quicker than using the form editor itself. You will, however, need to be EXTREMELY careful modifying the XML. If you make any bad changes it may result in a corrupt form.

    Once you are done with your changes you can save the XML and then go to the Import/Export area and select Import Forms. Then upload and import that XML file.

    The import will create a new form based on the XML data you uploaded. It won't overwrite your existing form. So then you can edit and test this new form. The good news is because it creates a new form, if you didn't edit the XML properly you can simply do it again or correct any issues and then re-import the XML again and it will create a new form...

    Other than editing the form in the form editor and making the necessary changes, this is the only suggestion I have as far as how to handle this situation.

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