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Conditional Logic not working suddenly (Version

  1. Here is the page I'm working on:

    The form field in question is:
    Do you have a current U.S. Security Clearance
    If yes, it should show text field asking for "Clearance Level".
    If no, it should ask a yes/no question about why.

    This was working a few minutes ago but now it's not. Funny enough, if you go to the next page (whether you select an answer in that question or not) then go back to the first page, the conditional logic works!

    The only thing I can think changed is I'm using some conditional logic on the next page and I started adding that functionality after creating this simple logic. Could the logic on the next page be corrupting the logic on the first page? To test this theory, I duplicated my form and deleted all the fields on the second page that contained logic. I put that "Test Form" on a new page here:

    Sure enough, the logic in the field in question (Do you have a current U.S. Security Clearance?) works as expected. Very strange. I tried several combinations of making the question required and not, creating a new question with a different name and applying the conditional questions to that, etc.


    Posted 11 years ago on Friday May 11, 2012 | Permalink
  2. I just went to your link there (employment app) and the conditional logic on that drop down worked fine for me, on the first try. Could have been some kind of fluke or maybe you are running a cached version in your browser perhaps?

    Posted 11 years ago on Friday May 11, 2012 | Permalink
  3. Yeah, it was just some weird browser behavior (Chrome). Worked fine in Firefox, etc. I even duplicated the form, put it in a new page, added logic to different fields, etc. and it still seemed cached for me - worked for other people around the office too.

    I just put a page break in before those questions and now everything is working fine. It seems like in Chrome, the logic wouldn't start working until there was some other interaction with the form - hence the page break Next button. Oh well, whatevs. Thanks for checking.

    LOVE the form builder by the way!

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday May 14, 2012 | Permalink
  4. Great, glad you got it working and that you are loving GF!

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday May 14, 2012 | Permalink

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