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Conditional Logic Redirect

  1. Hello, fairly new to Gravity Forms, but have been successful in creating some forms thus far.

    Would appreciate some guidance.

    Here is what I am trying to do. I'm trying to create a Drop Down. In it, I'd like to have a List of Locations: (eg Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York). Then based on the user's selection, it redirects to another Page within the site.) As it is, I can only see or redirect to one URL option.

    Is it possible to have a redirect option for the specific selection?

    The redirect would go to a URL within the same site (just a different page)...and Not submit a Form

    (eg If user selects Pennsylvania >>> they are redirected to
    If User Selects New Jersey >>> they are redirected to etc )

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  2. Currently Gravity Forms does not have conditional confirmation capabilities. It is a feature we plan on adding in a future release. It's on our roadmap and is something that definitely will be coming.

    If you need to do a conditional redirect based on a form selection you would have to do it as a customization.

    - Create a PHP page that redirects based on a query string value passed to it
    - Configure your Form to redirect to this page via the URL redirect and pass the form field value you want to redirect based on to the page via the query string builder

    So you'd have to create your own redirect handler to do this as a customization.

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  3. Thanks for the quick response.

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