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Conditional Scheduling

  1. Is there a way to override a scheduled form date range?

    The Gravity Quiz Add-On is quite spectacular! At first pass it looked like Woo's Sensei offered good deal more functionality for lesson mgmt and analysis, but the limitations on question types and customization points were significant given its' newness especially compared to GF. Using WCK to handle custom post type and meta field mgmt and Gravity Quiz, I've been able to build out a tailored client solution almost completely in two days and very little code once I got my head around it all. Thanks!

    I'm aiming to use the form schedule start / end parameters to control when a class is initially able to take a quiz (not until after having received the lecture material). However, I would like to keep quizzes always accessible for any students who have already completed the course. I have CPT meta data that can identify whether the schedule should / not apply.

    Posted 10 years ago on Friday May 10, 2013 | Permalink