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Confirmation Message Anchor not working

  1. reelseo

    Hello. I've read and implemented the change to functions. It was working a few months ago prior to upgrading to the most recent version but it's no longer working and the ajax never works on my site. Im ok without the ajax (though I wish it worked), but when they submit the form, they cant see the confirmation message as the anchor doesnt take them to the message. Can you please help me with this as we have people submitting multiple times not realizing their entry was successful. Thanks in advance

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  2. reelseo


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  3. reelseo

    Far more than 48 hours. Is anyone here to offer support? pleaseeeee

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  4. reelseo

    Can someone please help me here? Posted this a week ago and would really love your help.

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  5. reelseo

    BTW - just to avoid confusion - I already added the code to our functions.php file in the theme as described on

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  6. The confirmation anchor works, so it's not going to be an issue with the hook. I would make sure that the code was implemented properly and double check the implementation. We don't have any other users reporting a problem with applying the anchor via the hook and nothing has changed with that code.

    The fact that you are having problems with the AJAX, which you should not be, points to bigger issues and possibly something else on your site that is causing problems with the forms. AJAX should work, if it does not it's because there is something on your site preventing it from functioning.

    In order to take a look at this we'd need access to the site. The URL, the URL to the page containing the form, WordPress admin login and FTP login. We would have to take a look at how you have it implemented and why AJAX isn't working and see what it interfering with it.

    I have replied to your Priority Support request and we can handle it there. I am closing this thread.

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