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Content Template with optional (empty) fields

  1. In the form where businesses submit their info, some fields are optional. I use content template to display this info here How to hide "hours" or "fax" sections if these fields weren't submitted. Here is the example of content template

    {Logo Image:3:large:center}
    {About Text:2}
    <div id="bus-company" class="bus-fields"><span>Company</span> {Company:17}</div>
    <div id="bus-propr" class="bus-fields"><span>Proprietors</span>{Proprietors:18}</div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Address</span>{Address:19}</div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Phone</span>{Phone:20}</div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Phone</span>{Alt Phone:21}</div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Fax</span>{Fax:22}</div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Email</span><a href="mailto:{Email:13}">{Email:13}</a></div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Website</span><a href="{Web Site:9}">{Web Site:9}</a></div>
    <div class="bus-fields"><span>Hours</span><div id="hours">{Hours of Operation, if applicable:14}</div></div>
    <div class="bus-fields social-form"><a href="{Facebook:11}">Find us on Facebook</a></div>
    <div class="bus-fields social-form"><a href="{Twitter:12}">Follow us on Twitter</a></div>
    {Special offer image:15:medium:center}
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  2. Currently conditional content template functionality is not possible. It's a feature we plan on adding in a future release as the content template functionality continues to evolve. Right now content template functionality is best used with fields that are required if it poses a markup issue.

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  3. Thanks

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  4. Would LOVE this as a new feature! +1

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