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Creating a new form when editing the blue form settings box is off the screen

  1. When creating a new form you hover your mouse over the untiled form and click edit. a blue form settings box appears. it is half off the screen, I am using wordpress 3.1.1 and just purchased this form tonight. I can not read the fields , only half is visible. No clue how to proceed.

    Ive have clicked properties advanced and confirmation buttons and all 3 are having the same issue.

    here is a pic

    Posted 12 years ago on Tuesday April 12, 2011 | Permalink
  2. This is going to be a theme or plugin conflict, most likely a plugin conflict. Something else you are running is interfering with Gravity Forms and outputting code on that page.

    To test for a Theme Conflict:

    - Activate the default Twenty Ten theme
    - Test to see if the issue happens

    To test for a plugin conflict:

    - Deactivate ALL plugins
    - Activate Gravity Forms
    - Check to see if the issue occurs

    If it does not, then one of your plugins is causing a with Gravity Forms. To narrow it down follow the steps below:

    - Activate each plugin one by one
    - Check to see if the issue occurs after each one

    A way to speed this process up is instead of activating them one by one, activate them in groups... say 5 at a time... and then when you encounter a group that causes the issue to occur, deactivate that 5 and then activate them one by one and test after each one.

    Let me know how it goes. We can't prevent themes or plugins from causing conflicts, it's just a fact of life with WordPress themes/plugins, especially when running large numbers of them from a wide variety of sources. This can happen when the plugin or theme doesn't isolate when and where it executes code.

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  3. Thank you, you are correct it is a theme conflict, ill let the author of the theme know,

    I can make it work with the twenty ten and create form, then after i make it i switched back to my other template and posted, and it seems to display properly. so far so good

    Thank you for the help.

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  4. It means the theme will have to be corrected. What is happening is it is outputting Javascript on EVERY page, including admin pages. They need to update the theme code so that it only outputs Javascript on the frontend, not the admin. If they need assistance with this, let me know and I can provide them with some pointers.

    You will want to get the theme corrected as this is going to cause problems with other plugins, it's not good that the theme is doing this and it can potentially break WordPress admin functionality itself and cause problems when you update WordPress.

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  5. Here is the creator of the theme, he asked if you could help him with the conflict there is an email support link on the right. Ill let you two talk and see if it can be fixed. Thank you so much Carl. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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