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Critical Opinion of Shopp and Cart66

  1. Hey all,

    Honestly, I wasn't sure if this was an appropriate topic, but I must ask anyways as it is quite critical to my current project.

    I quite respect the developers of GravityForms, and because of how useful it has been, how extensible it has been, and how well it utilizes the WordPress framework and overall development practices, I respect the opinion of the GF developers.

    My question is this ... from your perspective, how do you feel about the Shopp plugin vs the Cart66 plugin, vs any other superior ecommerce-like plugins? I do some fairly creative and advanced things with GravityForms, and quite frankly, I need to know that the "cart" plugin that I choose will stand up to the same (or comparable) standards as GravityForms does.

    If answering this question on a public forum is somewhat detrimental to your relationship with either or any of these "cart" plugins, I would really, REALLY appreciate your comments in an email or personal message.

    Again, I appreciate the effort in this regard!

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday August 9, 2012 | Permalink
  2. In all honesty I can't give a reliable opinion on them because outside of a cursory glance, i've never implemented either of them in a production environment and actually put them to use selling products.

    I do know the developers of both Shopp and Cart66 and they are great guys and are very competent developers. They are two of the leading shopping cart solutions for WordPress, along with WooCommerce by WooThemes.

    All 3 of those solutions (Shopp, Cart66 and WooCommerce) execute things fairly differently as far as their execution, etc. Out of the 3 only Cart66 and WooCommerce have any kind of Gravity Forms integration. There are a large number of Gravity Forms users using both Cart66 and WooCommerce because of this.

    Cart66 has a lite version available for download for free in the plugin repository, and WooCommerce the core plugin (not a lite version) is available for download there as well. I would suggest checking both of those out on a test site and see which suits your needs from a feature and UI standpoint.

    WooCommerce currently has a lot of momentum behind them and they have a very large number of extensions available (including a Gravity Forms extension). WooThemes is also well known for having a solid support track record.

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  3. @Carl,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond! :)

    I'm mostly looking at development with best practices, utilizing the WordPress API in the proper ways and extensibility.

    I really appreciate your comments and welcome anyone else to chime in!

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