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Custom post/field CSV import?

  1. Hi Gravity Support,

    I'm starting a build on a site for a client who needs league tables for local schools. I'm creating a custom post type for "schools" with a bunch of custom fields in there, like "rating" and "price" and "postcode" and so on. These custom fields will then be written into a custom page template to lay out the info in a standardised way across the site.

    I use a similar system on a different site to add advertisers using a front-end gravity form, and this fills in custom fields on an "advertiser" post type, and creates a draft custom post, ready for approval and publishing.

    My client already has the league tables in CSV/XLS format, so what I was hoping to achieve was a mass upload of entries via CSV file, which would fill in the custom fields and create the corresponding custom posts, ready to check and publish.

    I'm using Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types, and was experimenting with the Mass Import plugin too, but it doesn't seem to work the way I want it to, I suspect, because of the custom field integration.. As I say, I can get the post created manually using a front-end form, but I want to automatically create (hundreds of) these using a CSV upload, if possible.

    Would this be possible?

    Thanks in advance

    Posted 9 years ago on Monday February 11, 2013 | Permalink
  2. There is no mass import functionality in Gravity Forms. Your best bet would be to continue to work with the Mass Import plugin to figure out exactly what needs to be done with your CSV, so you can avoid entering these hundreds of entries.

    Posted 9 years ago on Thursday February 14, 2013 | Permalink