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Custom price to be sent to PayPal

  1. I'm trying to set up a form for users to buy a product but only have to pay an initial deposit at first, the remainder being paid later. So for instance if a product costs £100 and the deposit is £10, then if they order 5 items they would need to pay £50.

    I'm happy to set up and send a paypal invoice for the balance but it would be great if gravity forms could process the deposit - unfortunately I can't find a good way. What I was thinking is to have a number field for quantity and then two more number fields with calculations to work out the deposit and total price, but then how do I get the deposit sent to PayPal? It seems to only accept prices from product fields and these don't allow calculations. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: ok, so it looks like a pricing field can be a calculation but when I do that it just submits the form and doesn't get sent to paypal

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  2. handling via priority support

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