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Delivering Forms to multiple users

  1. I am developing a membership website... Within the membership site each member group (there are 3 of them) has a referral form to fill out... one form for each group (3 forms total)

    What I want to be able to do is have the form sent to the person filling it out and 2 additional people (so in the sense of the referral my referral gets sent to me and you and let's say an admin) No matter who fills out the form within each given member group (even cross member referrals are to be possible)

    Does this make sense? Is this even possible? Final question what if I wanted to see a "report" showing me my sent referrals (forms) or received referrals (forms) is this possible too?

    Thanks so much!


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  2. Yes, you can do what you propose. You can have a referral form pre-populated with the member name who's submitting it, if you want. An admin notification can be sent to that member, or another member (an administrator.) And you can have a spot for additional email addresses to send the invitation or referral email to. So, that's all possible.

    Reporting is going to be up to you. Gravity Forms will store all the data. It will be up to you to see where the referrals were sent and where new members come from. All the data is stored; you will need to define what sort of reports you want and need to pull the data out of the entries.

    It can all be accomplished with Gravity Forms. It will require some custom code and creative thinking, but it can be done.

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  3. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the reply here is the dumb quesiton:

    How do I make the forms send to referral receiver, giver, and admin?

    Where is that in settings? Do I have to do a form for each person or can I do it with one for per group? (The difference is over 100 forms for each person vs. 3 forms for over 100 people)

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  4. You want the entries sent to multiple people?

    Two notifications are built in to Gravity Forms: admin notification and user notification. They can be different. So, the admin one might be reserved for the actual admin. Then the giver and receiver could both receive a copy of the user notification. You can set the to address and then any number of BCC addresses, including email addresses that were submitted via the form. It's all in the notifications tab in the form builder.

    Put a form online and see how far you get with it, then post a link to it with specific questions on what you want to accomplish, and we'll help you pull it off.

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