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Directory bug and switch from multiple entries per user to one entry

  1. Formmaker

    I am trying to make a directory from a profile update form:

    I started a profile update form, i allowed multiple entries per user to keep a database of updates - now i would like to make a directory of the most current entries.

    i have some users that insist on multiple users being registered under the same email.

    can someone at gravity tell me if i switch the form from multiple entries to one will it erase multiple entries - keeping the latest one, do i have to erase all previous entries per user manually, will it stop allowing duplicate entries from that point forward and can it be based on username instead of email?

    Also in doing this: I noticed-
    I have noticed that if i make the first and last name of the profile update form admin only to prevent users from sharing accounts by changing names once registered, it will not show up in the directory views unless i select to show admin only fields in the directory settings, but then it shows all other admin fields i do not want seen even if i select to hide that field in both directory and entry views....unlike the rollover help in the form settings that states the field will be hidden even if admin only is selected in directory settings.

    is this a bug

    I think the settings of what to display on what page for a directory should not not be as much influenced by the form itself as it is by the directory plugin - because you cannot have two different versions of the same directory for different users if there is a dependency on the form settings which should remain static such as admin only

    I am in the middle of registration for an event and do not want to make mistakes and am fearful of an update messing things up.

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  2. David Peralty

    The directory add-on was not created by us, and you'll have to contact the creators for support and insights into your issues with it.

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