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Displaying and sorting form input results all on one page like a directory

  1. I've been using GF awhile but I haven't tried anything "fancy" with it and have no experience yet with custom post types. I'm thinking there might be a pretty straight-forward way to do what I need to do but I'm not quite sure.

    We want to create a submission form that can have the results posted all on one page by location. So everyone would be completing a form that included the name of the event with other details including both a specific location and a region. I think I need to create custom post types for both the location and region. Then I'm not sure how I get the results to display all in one list sorted by region and then the specific location listed under it. I use Headway Themes framework so I'm thinking I'll post over there for some help also. But if anyone has any links, tips, input on how to approach this it would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. AJ over at Headway did a video he recommended that he thinks will take care of my question. Rather than delete my post I thought I'd share the link in case it's useful for anyone else. It's not really HT specific. I'll report back if this works or not with a link if it does.

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    OK, my learning adventure using Custom Taxonomies was interesting. With no basic understanding it took awhile, but I've finally have a taxonomy with categories assigned to it and have successfully had it show up on the GF. All good. The form is located at the bottom of this testing page:

    I still have some challenges. First, I followed the suggestion in the video and made the form post submission a draft. I get the thank you message for submitting it and the form entry lists as a form entry. But I'm not yet understanding how this becomes a POST. The title is setup as a post type. But it does not show up as a draft in posts nor do I see any way to make it one. I DO see in the Custom Post Types UI interface that I have 2 "drafts" but no way to access them. So the question is HOW DOES THE FORM CONTENT AUTOMATICALLY GET TURNED INTO A POST?

    I'm wondering if there's any way to set it up so that the url provided in the website gets assigned to the text of the listing? I'd rather not have text then url. I'd like the text to be linked to the url. But not sure if there's anyway to do that using the GF setup.

    ALSO Headway is pushing working with GF (love it) and provided the demo above about using Custom Post Types UI & this GF add on. But now they're not offering me any help when I ask about this question.... When I then try to add the custom post type I do see the Reading post type but how do I segment via the taxonomies so I can list by those categories on the page? Any help greatly appreciated. Maybe I'm trying to do more than is intended here!

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  4. Sorry this is such a long thread of me talking to myself!

    I've found the posts in the custom post area called Readings. I was even able to display them on a page. Now I'm realizing that I don't really NEED posts as these are merely simple listings. So when the post is displayed the title takes me to a full page post and there's nothing there (of course). So this may not be the right solution. Maybe I can't automate this.

    Now I'm exploring the Directory Add-on instead. Hoping that'll work. If I could've deleted this whole thread I would've.

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  5. No problem Sheila. It's good reading nonetheless. Let us know if you need help with your decision after you've checked out the 3rd party add-on.

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  6. Reading your posts, it seems like custom post types are overkill for this.

    Why not create regular posts, and have location and region as either tags or categories? You would still be creating posts, but in your archive template of even a new page, you can list all posts from a specific category. I think I would stick with categories (not tags.)

    I used a plugin like that once, Category Shortcode:

    It says it works through WordPress 3.0.5 but I am using it with 3.3 right now.

    That allows you to put a shortcode in a page, and pull just the category(ies) you want into that page. So, you could pull posts from a single category or multiple categories.

    If you choose to go that route, you could even create a custom page template to display the listings in a compact manner.

    I created this page:

    By creating a page "All Stories" and inserting this shortcode:

    [Category number='-1' id='5' method='full' order='desc' orderby='post_date']

    If you would like to see a story pop up on that page, submit a post here:
    (password is gravity)

    Maybe we can make something like that work for you?

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  7. Thanks Chris. I think you're right about the Custom Post Types being overkill but it was good for me to learn more about them. Really any kind of post is overkill since it's only a listing. We don't even want the listings to click to more info on our site so no post needed.

    It looks like the GF Category add-on will do what I need relatively well. I have it working. The site's not accessible but here's what I get with some test entries:

    Not bad as far as it goes. BUT we would ideally like to have each section have a Region header instead of having that column displayed within the table. In fact I don't want the out put to be a table. So I think now my challenge is figuring out the CSS (not my forte) to format the output.

    But this is better than having the submissions just go to a standard form and the client having to copy/paste into the nicely formatted page. We'll see if she agrees with that assessment.

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  8. OK. Keep up the good work and let us know if you need any tips.

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