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Don't know where to start with GF & Cart66

  1. I bought Gravity Forms and Cart66 6/18 (yesterday). I tried to build a new form and am totally lost. I have my form layed out and it's pretty complicated. I could hand code it no problems, but I'm a very visual person and just can't find any visual examples of what I want to do. I have a base price and 3 variety drop downs that can add $1 or $2 to the base price, 2 other drop downs that do not affect the price. I have 4 checkbox/radio button combo options that will add $1 to $5 to the price. Also, on 3 of those checkboxes, if checked, need the customer (mandantory) to select a color or quantity.

    I just don't know how to proceed. I have lots of drop downs and some logic involved. I worked several years as a PHP/MySQL developer, but that was 4 years ago.

    Here's what I want to do:
    Build a Koozie

    	Style (dd)
    		Coffee Cup Wrap
    		16-22oz Solo Style Plastic Wrap
    		Beer Bottle + $1
    		16.9oz Water Bottle + $1
    		20oz Water Bottle + $1
    	(cb) Dart Holder (only show if can, beer, or water bottle selected) + $1
    	Koozie Color (dd)
    		Basic color options (24 total)
    		Upgraded printed color options (6 total) + $1
    			Order (dd)
    				Traditional Woman - FLM
    				Traditional Man - FML
    				Traditional Couple - WLH
    			First (TB)
    			Middle (TB)
    			Last (TB)
    		Thread Color (dd)
    			List Thread Colors Here
    		Monogram Font (dd)
    			List Monogram Fonts Here
    		Single Initial and Name
    			Initial (TB)
    			Name (TB)
    	Thread Color #1 (dd)
    		List Thread Colors Here
    	Thread Color #2 (dd) (optional)
    		List Thread Colors Here
    	Initial Font (dd)
    		List all Fonts Here
    	Text Font (dd) - options for same as Initial font
    		List Text Fonts Here
    	Name or Text
    		Text (TB)
    		Thread Color (dd)
    			List Thread Colors Here
    		Text Font (dd)
    			List Text Fonts Here
    	Design (open new window to...)
    		Stock Design + $1 (internal page to select design)
    		Non-Stock Embroidery Design + varies (external website to sel design)
    	(cb) Ribbon + $1
    		Ribbon Color (dd)
    			List Colors Here
    		Ribbon Application (dd)
    			Tied Ribbon (radio)
    			Ribbon Band (radio)
    	(cb) Swarovski Crystals + $1 to $5
    		A Little Bling - 8 Crystals + 1 (radio)
    		Some Bling - 16-20 Crystals +2 (radio)
    			Front Only (radio)
    			Front and Back (radio)
    		A Lotta Bling - 30 Crystals + $5 (radio)
    	(cb) Feathers + $3
    		Color (dd)
    			23 color options
    	Other Specifications (textarea)

    I also need to understand how Cart66 and Gravity Forms fit together. Once I can see the big picture and understand the terminology, I'm usually good to go. I just can't see it right now. I would like to get my shopping cart up and going asap. I did start with my most complicated form.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction on where to get started and any vidoes that address a complicated form like this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. Alisa, do you have a link to your form yet or have you not even started adding fields or creating a form yet? I don't think there would be any issues creating this type of form in Gravity Forms, but can I see what you have so far?

    Posted 11 years ago on Tuesday June 19, 2012 | Permalink
  3. I really don't have anything yet. I'm just not sure where to start. I do have base price started, but don't know how to share this with you. I can click update form, but where does it go? I haven't linked it to a page yet and not sure yet how to do that. I wish there was a step by step tutorial or youtube vidoes on how to add products. I find lots of stuff on how to add contact us forms, but nothing on how to add products, especially more complicated scenarios.

    I'm really confused by terminology. For instance, I want to start with a base price ($9), so do I use Pricing Fields? Then, I want to add options and variations. So to add style choices, do I use Standard Fields/Drop Down? I can't see how to add $1 to the price for beer and water bottle styles. And when I add $1 to the base price, do I say $1 or $10?

    I need a tutorial with examples, not just generalized words. I'm very a visual/kenetic learner, so just text doesn't work for me.


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  4. You would start with a base product that has a base price associated with it. Then you can add Option fields (under the Pricing Fields Section) to add the appropriate options and prices. When you add an option field you can select it to be a Drop Down or Check Box, or Radio type. Then you would just keep adding as many different option fields as you would need.

    So your base product would be: Koozie $9.00
    Option Field (set to drop down type): Water Bottle $1.00, Beer Bottle $1.00
    Total Field (You can add this to your form to show the running total based on product and option selections).


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  5. Rob,

    Okay, here's a stab at the form. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the form. There are lots of logic elements I want to add, but not sure how to add them, plus additional charges for certain elements, mainly embellishments, but also some colors and some styles of Koozie. Also, I need to wrap the Cart66 around this and not sure how to do that.

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  6. Rob,

    On a radio button, when selected, can I open up an area. Say, someone clicks the Monogram button. I want there to be an area open up so they can select thread color, font, initials, and form at (FML or FLM) 3 small input boxes. Is that possible?


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  7. Alisa, yes - you would use conditional logic for that. So what you would do is create the fields that you'd like to show and then on each of those fields, while you are editing them - go to the Advanced Tab and enable conditional logic - at that point you can choose the condition to have that field show.

    Posted 11 years ago on Wednesday June 20, 2012 | Permalink
  8. I think I have it mostly figured out now. Thanks for you help. I would like to know if there's a way to tighten up the forms or to make them in 2 columns. Also, on sub variations, is there any way to indent those or otherwise move them around the page?


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  9. Awesome Alisa, glad you are getting the swing of it. We do have Ready Classes you can use - check the details out here for your options:

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  10. Cool Cool! Just what I was looking for. Now I play :)

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