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Elegant Themes Top-Tab Container Resize Issue

  1. The Problem: Occurs during a validation error. Contact form expands, but the tab-content (parent container) div does not.

    A few facts:
    It is a multi-page form
    It is being called from within a tab or tab content area
    Ajax is enabled!
    I am using a wordpress theme from Elegant Themes.

    View image of problem:

    My Temporary Fix: I have created an image similar to the background and placed it directly under the multi-page contact form. When a validation error does occurs, the image is forced out of sight and the extra space is taken up by the form leaving it viable. This approach leave an noticeable gap between the form content and the parent container div. I'd like to know how to fix this.

    My Multi-Page Form:

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  2. Can you publish that page please? We can't view your draft posts without logging in.

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