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Email Field in Entries Table breaks Cart66

  1. Link changed, see comment below...

    This site has been working for a while now, but there was a recent update of both Gravity and Cart66. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CART66 SUPPORT... so please don't answer with the usual we don't support cart66...

    After recent cart66 update things seemed fine. After upgrade to 1.7 of Gravity, the email field breaks the "Show Details" part of the cart. You can enter dummy info in the page above, click "register" and you'll see what I mean. The table gets all jacked up and closes the cart table too early. Now, I realize this is inside the Cart66 form, but it is only the email field from Gravity which breaks it. I've tried all sorts of different placements and fields, and it works 100% fine with everything except Gravity's email field.

    So, what I'm hoping to get help determining, is if this error exists inside the Gravity code, or do to a change in Gravity code, or if it's an error in Cart66. Support here is a bazillion times better, nicer, more effective, and less lazy than it is there, so I figured I'd ask here first, since it appears to be since the 1.7 upgrade of gravity.


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  2. I created a dummy link so I could temporarily fix the clients page... use this instead:

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  3. Has anyone noticed anything similar?

    Posted 10 years ago on Thursday April 25, 2013 | Permalink
  4. I am noticing that this issue is NOT related only to using with Cart66. The issue also occurs when building a form. If you add an email field as the last field and then rearrange, the behavior of the form is erratic. The fields can disappear from the editor. Then they show up in preview.

    It seems like it's an error with email fields when they are the last field.

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