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Email Notificaitons - not working?

  1. I was having problems with the email notifications as my domain name is with a different provider to my website. I didn't really want to bring them both together as in my mind this creates risk for the business in that the web host retains all the control.

    One request to admin - can we get a sticky that describes all the ways email notification might not be working - based on the issues identified so far in this forum and what can be done about it (e.g. godaddy issues/plugin conflicts, smtp setup etc)

    Also - I got around my issue by setting up gravity to send email notification to an external email in GMAIL that then forwarded gravity form notifications back to my business email.

    Posted 8 years ago on Saturday March 17, 2012 | Permalink
  2. I am not receiving notification when a user fills out my gravity form.....and they are not receiving notification that it has been received. I can go to the admin on the website and see that it has been sent ....but I need notification......I've shown my set up on the WordPress Genesis theme site to my IT developer and he said it looks like it was filled out correctly?.....what could be the problem?

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  3. Please see this post by Carl Hancock and begin with that:

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