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Email Notification Problem (Not Sending All The Time)

  1. Background

    I am using Gravity Forms 1.6.12 running on WordPress 3.4.2. Also using the add-on 1.3 to tie into my clients credit card processing company.

    I currently use two type of email notifications. An internal or Admin one to notify the client (multiple people get it) so they can schedule shipment of the product.

    Then another to the User and/or customer that details their order and asks them to verify all the information they provided was correct.


    This is where things get strange and I could use some help.

    We process around 20-25 orders a day from multiple forms. 100% of the time the transaction shows up in About 5-7% of the time we don't get our Admin notification (not sure about our clients). There are multiple people on the distribution list and none of us get it.

    Of course we know we are not getting the Admin emails cause well, we can compare it to the emails we get from when the transaction has been completed.

    When I go into WordPress/Gravity Forms I see the entry in question, and when I go to the Entry page and "Resend Notifications" it then works 100% of the time with no delay.

    I've tried everything. It is not form specific. Time of day. Fields completed or not completed. So I am asking for help.

    BTW: I would provide a URL, but the pages where the forms are located are password protected and used by an internal sales force. They include info my client would not want me to make public.


    P.S. I just saw a similar topic, and will do some work at this URL the admin directed other people to, but figured I'd ask the above anyway.

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  2. David Peralty

    Because of how random it is, it would be hard for us to troubleshoot, as you can imagine.... And what Gravity Forms does is send the e-mails to WordPress' sendmail system. Can you check if there are any server logs that might be writing errors that could help? The troubleshooting notifications link at the bottom of the thread you linked is the troubleshooting steps we have on hand. I just got tired of piecing them all out and instead wrote that page as the summation of nearly all we know relating to notifications.

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday February 22, 2013 | Permalink
  3. I appreciate the response David and will use the link you provided to troubleshoot myself. No need for any further comment (unless an end user has encountered this problem and solved it!), cause as you noted it is so random I didn't think you could help, but you never know.

    I use MailChimp with most clients (another reason I use you folks) and not the "sendmail" system in WordPress, so I guess I'll dig into that in more detail.

    Sometimes stuff is never simple :).

    Thanks again.


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  4. David Peralty

    The good news is that you know your server can use WP's sendmail (wp-mail.php) as the resend notifications works flawlessly for you. Hopefully, a common thread will link them or an error will be written in your server logs...

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