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Email Routing not working

  1. Okay its been 2 weeks without a response, I am reposting this question in case it got lost in someones queue.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    "I am seeing a problem with my forms where all we have is a basic contact form here. One of the fields is a "Category" drop down. In that field we have 5 choices. The selection is required. We go to the routing section and when we setup the 5 fields, the top one always reverts to a field we did not choose. One of the fields we cannot seem to stick to an email address. Email addresses are all "" Fields are standard "Word Word" where we have a simple space there. Please advise, we are running current versions of both GF and WP."

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  2. David Peralty

    Can you e-mail me a WordPress login - and please include a link to this question in your e-mail.

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  3. David, This has been sent to you again. Please let us know if you have any login issues. This was the primary reason we bought this form plugin.

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  4. David Peralty

    Sorry about the delay in this. Our team moved offices and things have been busier than normal. I'll be giving this my full attention today.

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  5. I have looked into the issue and routing is working correctly, however you have configured your "Category" selection drop down in such a way that it's not behaving the way you expect... although it is behaving correctly. I'll explain below.

    By default, the label is used as the value. But you have checked the "enable values" box on the "Category" field and given some of the choices in that drop down field the same value. This is a problem. Because the value is what is really used behind the scenes when interacting with the field data. The label is displayed on the front end. If the choices are not the same, they should not have the same value.

    See this screenshot:

    There are situations where it can make sense to give a choice the same value as another choice, but this is not one of them.

    I went ahead and corrected your field. You had configured the values as email addresses, which is unnecessary as you are using Routing so the email addresses do not need to be here. I updated the values so that they are the same as the label itself.

    See this screenshot:

    I then re-configured the Routing rules for that form so that the correct rules are setup.

    See this screenshot:

    Your form should be good to go now.

    Remember not to use the same value for drop down, radio button or checkbox choices unless it's intentional and you are aware of how it will behave in those situations.

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