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Entry created only after payment received?

  1. anniengo


    I have a few questions:

    1. We will be processing orders from the entries that we will export, is it possible to make an entry only after payment has been received? I can find how to stop email notifications when a payment is cancelled, but it still makes an entry.

    2. For the options, I used the field label "Options". Then in PayPal this info is shown as "Options: Options Turkey, Options: Honey Mustard" etc. When I remove the field label, the options don't even show up on the PayPal screen. Is there a way to have a field label, but remove "Options" from every product option?

    3. There are 15 options per product (sandwiches if you haven't guessed :). When I export the entries for Excel, there are 15 columns for the options. I'm concatenating the options to a new field, but I was hoping I could use the field label in the code instead of hard-coding the field numbers.

    Here's a link to the work in progress:


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  2. 1. Entries are always created when a form is submitted. If the entry doesn't exist, email notifications and 3rd party integration could not happen. They all use the entry data to function. The entry must exist for the PayPal Add-On to be able to communicate back to your site and mark the entry as approved/paid. PayPal can't create the entry because it doesn't have all of the data, it only has the PayPal related data and forms can consist of all sorts of fields above and beyond what is passed to PayPal. So the entry is automatically created and then updated as needed.

    2) PayPal is adding the first "Options:" in front of each option. The options are passed to PayPal as options and this is how PayPal utilizes and displays them. Gravity Forms adds the Field Label in front of the Option Name so that you can distinguish which Option field the selection came from immediately. Currently there is no way to change this without writing a customization to manipulate the data before it is sent to PayPal. All I can suggest is use a different field label.

    3) Checkboxes are a highly unique field in Gravity Forms. They are presented as one field (Checkbox) but in reality each individual checkbox is a field input. So the data storage and interaction with this field type is much more complex than people realize and far more complex than it's cousins the radio button and the drop down which consist of a single input but multiple choices.

    One way you can work around this is to edit your checkbox field, enable values and then manually add your distinguisher to the value of the checkbox choice so that the value consists of whatever you want it to be in the export. The value is what will be returned in the export entries CSV file and it can differ from the choice label which is what the user will see.

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  3. anniengo

    OK, thank you so much Carl for your detailed response!

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