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Excerpts and custom field question

  1. nextgenman

    For the theme I'm using I need to have a link and a picture in the excerpt for it too look right.

    I want a guest poster to be able to upload an image and a website link and then I need that code entered into the excerpts like above. How can I do that?

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday November 15, 2011 | Permalink
  2. nextgenman

    Also: When I use "Insert merge tag" and choose image. How can I add border="0" to the image link that is automaticcaly created with this tag?

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday November 15, 2011 | Permalink
  3. Currently the Post Excerpt field doesn't support the content template functionality so there is no way to do this with the Post Excerpt field.

    It can be done with the Post Body. You'd use the content template and the merge tags to control what gets stored as the content of the post that is created.

    When using the default Post Image merge tags you aren't going to be able to change the markup. If you want complete control over the markup then you have to modify the merge tags to only output the image path and then build your own link and image HTML around that.

    Merge tags have more capabilities than what is available in the default by using the "Insert merge tag" drop down. For the full rundown, including the post image field, see this documentation:

    So basically you would roll your own HTML for both the link and the image itself, and in the image src you'd output the merge tag for that post image field and append :url to the post image merge tag so it just returns the URL to the image. See the merge tag documentation for more info on this.

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  4. nextgenman

    Thanks. great answer. It doesn't solve my problem though, since I guess I would need the post Excerpt field to support the content template functionality. But oh well...
    Thanks anyway.

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  5. nextgenman

    Oh. I have one more question not really related to the above:

    Is this possible with GF:

    I want to be able to create a form with several checkboxes with options. Also Name, Email, and maybe a text field. Then I want the user to be sent to a different message/page depending on the choices made on the checkboxes.

    At the same time I want to grab the users email and add it to my aweber list.
    Also I would need to grab users emails all to the same aweber list, but give them different a different message/page after clicking the "Submit" button on GF. Is this possible??

    Because I beleive this isn't possible when I tried this using only aweber. With Aweber I would need to create a list for every page I wanted to send users to after clicking Submit, which I think is really bad.

    I think my question is related to this "Conditional rules" thing in GF, is there somewhere I can learn how to use this? But please just answer my main question above, hope you understood it :) thanks!

    Posted 10 years ago on Tuesday November 15, 2011 | Permalink
  6. Conditional confirmation isn't currently a feature. If you wanted to send the user to a different page based on a field selection you would have to implement this as a customization. You'd have to create a PHP page that handles the redirect for you, then configure your form to redirect to that page and pass the field value via the query string using the query string builder and merge tags that can be done when you use the Redirect confirmation.

    If you want to add the user to your AWeber list then you need to use the AWeber Add-On.

    It's only going to let you add one user to your list from that form submission. You can't add multiple subscribers to your AWeber list from a single form submission.

    Conditional logic has nothing to do with the confirmation or thank you message. Conditional logic is the ability to show or hide form fields based on selections the user makes.

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