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Extra copy of email sent to wp admin account

  1. Hi,

    I have two issues at hand.

    1. Once a user has filled out a form, an email is sent to the intended recipient AND the wp admin. I do not want the email sent to the wp admin person.

    2. The wp admin info is in the header of the email: eg. Erik Scherer ( on behalf of Larry Liechtenstein ( I would like to avoid this as well.

    I have deactivated all plugins and switched to the suggested theme for testing to no avail.

    Any suggestions about what I should do to avoid the above problems?

    I'm using Configure SMTP. ( I tried WP SMTP and CIMY SMTP as well)

    Here's a link to a demo form:


    Erik Scherer

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  2. 1. You can deactivate the admin notification email on your "Notifications" tab for the form. Uncheck the box "Enable email notification to administrators". That option is checked by default for any new form created. If you do not want an admin notification, uncheck that option.

    2. Sounds like you are using a Gmail account and as your SMTP server? That is why that header appears.

    Please take a look at this user's experience with CIMY Swift SMTP:

    If you do not want that message about "on behalf of" from using Gmail as your SMTP server, you will have to find another SMTP server and use that. I use which is reliable and cheap. Their free package will allow 200 emails per day.

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  3. Thank you, Chris. I see my mistake in terms of Number 1 now. (I will try to tackle #2 later.)

    My issue was that I thought that in order for the form to be sent to the recipient, I had to put the recipient's email into the admin notification email. Obviously, that is not the case.

    My question, then, is where exactly do I enter the email address for the recipient of the form?

    Thank you very much for your patience.


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  4. When you say "recipient of the form" what do you mean? There are two notifications available: an admin and a user notification. They can both be configured on the notifications tab of the form. The top one is the Administrator notification (normally the website owner) and the bottom is the User notification (normally the person who completes and submits the form.) To send the user notification, the form needs to have an email field and you can use that email field as the "To" address. The user notification is not enabled by default. You need to enable it by checking the box, then configuring the message.

    Does that help?

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  5. I am setting up a site for a school. I would like visitors to the site be able to fill out a form for a given teacher (there are 113 teachers at the school) and then have that information sent to directly to the respective teacher. So there is no need for an administrator to receive copies of the email. And I probably don't want to have access to those emails either.

    So, basically, I'm looking for a Send to Email option that will let me direct form info to many different individuals, without the need to have an admin (me) have access to the emails.

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  6. You should use the routing feature for this. You can create a drop down of all the teachers, then in the Admin notification area, you can select "routing" instead of "email" and then set up your rules which are along the lines of:

    If the visitor select Mrs. Koncius from the drop down in field 3, the admin notification should go to

    If you click on routing for the admin notification, you will see what I mean. The drop down of all the possible teacher choices will need to be in the form first. The drop down need only have the teachers' names. You add the email addresses in the routing section of the admin notification.

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  7. Thank you, Chris. That's too bad. I understand what you're saying but I don't think that matches what our needs are. I am basically creating a staff directory page. Each teacher should have a unique form that will let users send mail to just that one person.

    This is how I'm organizing it.


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  8. You can accomplish this. You can use one form, and pre-populate the teacher name based on the click in the directory which lands them on the form. There is no need to have 113 forms.

    I'm afraid I did not understand what you were looking to accomplish based on your initial support request here. How about if you state the end goal and we can help you figure out the best way to achieve that? Thank you.

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  9. Thank you, Chris. And I'll try to make sure you understand what I would like the end goal to be.

    First, users will be directed to a staff directory with a list of teachers. Next to each name there is a "Send email" link which takes them to a form. (I already created the 113 forms, so no harm done.) Here is a link to the directory:

    I would like a user to be able to fill out the form and send the information to the respective teacher....without an email also being sent on to the administrator.

    Since I am not very technical, I am fine with going to every form and plugging in emails if that is possible.

    If that is not possible, I can try coding anything necessary to make it work.

    Thank you.

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  10. I created a rule that routes email to the intended address. (I created a hidden field with a value of 1 to do this. I know, totally bogus.) Anyway, it works, but I am still getting an additional email being sent to the administrator.

    Any other ideas on how to keep the additional email from being sent to the administrator?

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  11. Can you send me a WordPress administrator login for the site please? I would like to take a look at how you have this configured. Please send it to

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