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Feature Request - Sort by entries not starred as well as those stared

  1. wolverleyce

    We use a form to collect staff absence information, they have to be approved, we star an entry to show when its been approved - so it would be good if we could sort by those that are not marked with a star as well as those that are marked with a star


    Posted 11 years ago on Monday November 21, 2011 | Permalink
  2. We do allow you to browse Starred entries, but not Unstarred. So rather than allow sorting by that column, which doesn't have a header, the solution may be for us to allow you to view Unstarred entries. We can look at adding this in a future release.

    A quicker alternative for you may be to use an Admin field rather than the Starred and Unstarred.

    - Edit your form
    - Add a drop down field to your form
    - Give it a Field Label of "Status" or whatever you want to call this
    - Configure it's choices to be "Approved", "Unapproved" or whatever you want. Then select which one should be the default value when an entry is created by selecting the radio button next to the choice to make it the default.
    - Select the Advanced tab
    - Set the field visibility to Admin Only
    - Save form

    Now when the form is submitted it will include this field value in the entry. When you edit and update the entry in the admin, you can change the status by changing the value of this field.

    You can then configure the Entry List page to show the status as one of the columns by clicking Edit in the top right of the entry list datagrid and then adding the Status field.

    This lets you add "Admin" fields to your forms that only show up for you in the admin and can be used for things like this.

    Posted 11 years ago on Monday November 21, 2011 | Permalink