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Form Display in Tooltip using Shortcode

  1. I am setting up a form inside the footer widget using a tooltip display. I am wanting to use the shortcode for my form (Gravity Forms) instead of coding a form. How can I get it to use the shortcode to present the form. HTML coding works in tooltip/widget , how can I get the shortcode to work.

    > Footer Widget
    > Tooltip to display "Form" Shortcode
    > Sample Page of current setup:
    -- Cell Phone Footer Image
    > Form Tool: Gravity Forms
    > Theme: Dejavu by

    [tooltip custom_id="image1" width="450" position="top" close="true" trigger='<img alt="" src="" class="framed"/>']
    [gravityform id="1" name="Call Me Now" ]

    Thank you
    Joe Johnson

    Posted 8 years ago on Friday May 4, 2012 | Permalink
  2. Updates I have made and the affects since my initial request, only one function is still not working.

    The form now does now show and sends but it does not display the "Confirmation Message". Upon Submitting the tooltip closes and when you mouse over presents the Confirmation Message, instead of the form again. I feel this is someway Ajax related but do not know how to precede.

    Below are the code changes I made to get it to work in part.

    I updated my theme " /lib/shortcodes/13-tooltips.php" :
    Modified this,
    echo '<div id="' . $tip_load . '" class="tooltip_load"' . ( !empty( $textcolor ) ? ' style="color:' . $textcolor . ';"' : '' ) . '>' . $content . '</div>';

    Changed it to this:
    echo '<div id="' . $tip_load . '" class="tooltip_load"' . ( !empty( $textcolor ) ? ' style="color:' . $textcolor . ';"' : '' ) . '>' . do_shortcode($content) . '</div>';

    Modified this:
    echo '<div id = "custom_tooltip_content'.$custom_id.'" class = "tooltip_load">'.$content.'</div>';

    Changed it to this:
    echo '<div id = "custom_tooltip_content'.$custom_id.'" class = "tooltip_load">'.do_shortcode($content).'</div>';

    Thank you
    Joe Johnson

    Posted 8 years ago on Saturday May 5, 2012 | Permalink