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gform_pre_submission With Admin Entry Edits

  1. In building a customized registration form, I have utilized both gform_pre_render and gform_admin_pre_render to dynamically populate a drop down box with data from a custom table. This works in both the main form and administrator’s entry edit.

    Going the next step, I’m trying to populate some hidden fields with additional data based upon drop-down selections at submission. Not a problem with gform_pre_submission. I can just get the data, ID the correct $_POST field, and change its value. However, it appears that gform_pre_submission doesn’t fire when saving from the admin entry edit screen and I don’t see a gform_admin_pre_submission hook.

    I haven’t been able to locate a solution in the forums. Has anyone tackled this problem with success? Am I missing an obvious solution? I need to give a couple power users access to the admin entry edit. However, they won’t know what data to key into the hidden fields should they change those certain drop-downs elsewhere in the entry. I’d like the pre_submission code to be executed when the record is saved here as well.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration and suggestions.


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  2. Anything?

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