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Google analytics event tracking

  1. I currently have a quick questionaire for people that uses conditional logic and wont even let users submit anything unless they are qualified buyers. Works great, weeds out all the people that wont qualify. Problem is that I have no clue how many people are actually using it, so i'd like to put some sort of event tracking in there. If first field is change then blah blah blah. Form can be found here bottom right...

    I was reading the post found here...( ) but the user gave no indication if the code worked. Appreciate the help guys!

    Posted 8 years ago on Friday March 8, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Have you tried the code in this post:

    That jQuery should run when there is a change in that field, and the event should be recorded in GA.

    Posted 8 years ago on Wednesday March 13, 2013 | Permalink