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Google Maps Integration

  1. Here's an awesome one. I am building a set of forms for a client, that will be filled out by their employees via their cellphones. Being that cellphones are GPS-enabled (and if they aren't the employees can be instructed to have their GPS turned on by their supervisor for this purpose), google maps can get their coordinates for their map softwares. A perfect example of what I'm explaining here is easy to replicate by going to your phone and going to google maps. Within a few seconds it will show you on the map, where you are (I believe iPhone, BBerry, Windows Phones, and PALM phones have a similar capability).

    What I'd like to do is find a way to harness that data (much like the Gravity Forms does with a users IP address) and have it notate the submitted form with that data.

    And now that I have successfully constructed a Rubik's Cube post within this forum, we shall see if anyone can solve the infamous rubik's

    I think this would be a powerful feature for all of us (including the Gravity Forms Team). Just imagine if you could open up a form submission and get the coordinates of your submitters.......think about it! Do you realize how much more we could do with this Plugin? It would be astonishing!

    Now, I realize that the submitter can place their address in the address field, however, what if the value of the form submission depended on the actual location of it's submission, and the people filling it out had more value in manipulating their "location" (by lying) than they had by telling the truth?! The people filling out the form could lie about their location, all the while the boss would know that these employees weren't really where they were supposed to be.

    And now it's a Rubik's Cube with the colored stickers pulled

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  4. This is a cool idea, the only snafu is all the wireless devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) handle location differently. Some allow you to access it, some don't. It also means you have to know how to get the location from all the various devies, all will have different implementations. If it was just iPhone it would be much simpler and possible to implement via Javascript to then store the location in a hidden field.

    This could probably be implemented as a customization today using a hidden field. But it's certainly a fairly complex customization and takes intimiate knowledge of mobile development to know how to access and get the location, which also requires the user to approve the location request on their device.

    It's a cool idea, but i'm not sure how often it would be used by our user base.

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  5. I can respect that answer. However, I'm hoping that the programming for something like that becomes much easier to accomplish in the near future. Until then, I will.have to put that project on the back burner for now. Thank you Carl for your response, I appreciate your feedback.

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  6. I'm after the same thing for mobile users to be able to post snow reports with a pic in the field. Anyone progressed with this in six months??

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