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Gravity Forms Aweber integration with Cart66

  1. I posted the other day about this issue but I have new information.

    I have a Gravity Form that is using Aweber integration. When it is on it's own it works fine. When it is connected to Cart66 the Aweber integration does not work.

    I discussed this with Cart66 developer support and here is what they said:

    After looking closer at the code, it looks like both Cart66 and Aweber integration are using the same process to connect to Gravity Forms (via a hook). Because of this, both would prevent the other from working and it looks like Cart66 goes first in the process preventing Aweber from working. (if Aweber were first, Cart66 would not work). Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to change this unless Gravity Forms comes out with a workaround built into their own plugin. The hook we are using is gforms_post_submission.

    Any thoughts?

    Posted 11 years ago on Thursday October 27, 2011 | Permalink
  2. So which part of the AWeber integraiton is not working? The adding subscriber to AWeber? So you have no issues creating an AWeber Feed and configuring the AWeber integration... but the subscriber simply isn't added?

    I'm not familiar with Cart66 but I do know the explanation about the hooks that was provided to you is not true. This isn't going to be the problem.

    Here is one thing that could be causing the issue...

    Do you know if Cart66 uses a hook to change the Send From address of emails sent by wp_mail? If it does, that will cause the AWeber integration not to work.

    Subscribers are added to an AWeber list not via an API but by simply sending an email to your AWeber mailing list subscription email address using the subscribers email as the Send From address. It's very rudimentary. This is due to the fact that AWeber's API is useless when it comes to adding a subscriber... you can't add a new subscriber via their API.

    So the first thing I would check is ask if you don't know, is ask the Cart66 support team if Cart66 is using hooks to change wp_mail, specifically the send from email address... or any settings on wp_mail.

    We have seen similar issues with other plugins such as Magic Members which use hooks to change wp_mail and effectively hardcoded the send from address. Plugins and themes should never change how wp_mail works, it can cause problems with other functionality that uses wp_mail.

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  3. Carl,
    The Aweber integration works perfectly with Gravity Forms until I connect it to Cart66 (functionality on their side of course.) Once it is connected to Cart66 you are correct in that it simply does not add the subscriber.

    I will pass on your comments to Cart66 and maybe that will help.

    Better might be a good idea for them to get in touch with you!

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