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Hide/Display submitted entry based on whether a file was uploaded or not

  1. This is not a problem - I found a solution. I thought I should share it with the community.

    Goal: provide a webform with a file upload field, and then convert the submitted entry to a Post. In the post, show the uploaded file in a custom download box with a download icon, or if there was no file upload submitted, do not show the download box.

    Solution: Setup 5 fields in the form:
    (1) a Yes/No radio button field for "Upload a File?" set to "No" default;
    (2) a Custom field set to Upload File, with a condition to display if #1 is Yes;
    (3) a Custom Field set to Admin view only with a default value set to "upload" (without the quot marks and no period before it - this is a custom CSS I created in the master style sheet that forms the Download box and icon). This field is set to a condition to display if #1 is "Yes", but since it is an Admin Only field, it doesn't actually display in the form to the user;
    (4) Another Custom Field, same as #3, except with a default value of "hide" (a CSS class set to display:none) and a condition to display with #1 as a "No".
    (5) a Post Body field, set to Admin Only, with Merge tags from other fields, including the following

    <div class="{Admin Only - Hide upload if none selected:26}{Admin Only - Display if file uploaded:27}"><a href="{File upload:20}"><img src="" /><span>Download Supporting Documentation</span></a></div><br /><p>[embed]{Post your YouTube link here:23}[/embed]</p>

    The trick: The merge tags above for Custom Fields #3 and #4 are set to insert either the "upload" or "hide" class into the display div class depending on which Yes/No selection is made. Note that the default value in #3 and #4 is just the class name WITHOUT the period in front of it.

    BTW, the [embed] section is a single line text field for users to copy/paste a YouTube URL into it, which publishes it in the post. Even though WP has the embed parsing capabilities built-in, it doesn't work without these shortcode tags added around the merge tag.

    If there is a more poetic way of doing this, please add a comment. I tried a LOT of other solution before this worked!

    Posted 9 years ago on Friday April 5, 2013 | Permalink
  2. Thanks for posting your experience.

    Posted 9 years ago on Wednesday April 10, 2013 | Permalink